GFEZ's transportation hub, Sindae complex of Suncheon

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[NSPTV] GFEZ's transportation hub, Sindae complex of Suncheon

[전남=NSP통신] 도남선 기자 = Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone Authority has announced its"2020 New Vision"project with the objective of becoming the best industrial and logistics hub of the world.

As one of the main puzzle piece of the project, the New Sindae complex is waiting to be the next upscale eco-friendly living environment.

NSP brings you the latest from the very site of creating the most desirable environment for residents, Suncheon's New Sindae complex.


When the necessity for a convenient residential area for the employees of Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone emerged, a plan for the New Sindae complex was conceived in 2006.


The Sindae complex is on a completely different level when it comes to its living environments compared to similar projects in other Free Economic Zones.

It's located right on the border line of Yeosu and Gwangyang city, an up-and-coming area approximately 2km away from downtown Suncheon.

The complex is also a transportation hub.

With the Suncheon-Yeosu connection open, 20 minutes is all you need from the complex to the Yeosu National Industrial Complex.

In addition, the transportation network including the Jeonju-Gwanyang expressway, and Iksan-Yeosu multi-line rail system benefits the area.

This is the so-called"Luxury Street"in making. It has been selected as the"Outstanding Design Development Project"by the Korean Design Agency.

A 30m wide and a 6km long eco-friendly corridor has been constructed.


Also, the vicinity of the Luxury Street will be completed with a pedestrian friendly environment filled with trees, transparent walls, and terraces, resembling the streets of Jeongdong-gil in Seoul.

The improvement of amenities for foreign investors and employees is one thing to keep an eye on. On top of the green surroundings, this place will provide the proper facilities for those who need to be away from their daily urban routines.

The authority is also in consistent talks with multiple major hospitals in hopes of providing top class medical facilities for its future residents. They have already secured 98,000 square meters of medical purpose lots and negotiations are on the table for expansive medical infrastructure.


The Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone is the front-runner among the other 8 free economic zones in Korea.

Once the New Sindae complex is completed, the Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone will definitely draw more attention.

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