Busan's top tourist atrraction ‘Gwangan bridge becomes Korea's diamond bridge’

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The first double-layer suspension bridge, Gwangang bridge(7420m) constructed by Korean technology beomes Busan's landmark

[NSPTV] Busan's top tourist atrraction ‘Gwangan bridge becomes Korea's diamond bridge’

(부산=NSP통신 안정은 기자) = This is Gwanganli beach.

At this place, you can see Gwangan Bridge, a bridge which has a nickname, 'Diamond Bridge'.

Gwangan Bridge is becoming a landmark of Busan as a critical structure of transportation and tourism.


Today, I am going to tell you more about Gwangan Bridge.

It was in August, 1994, when Gwangan Bridge construction was started.

In June, 2003, which was approximately 10 years later, the construction was complete and the bridge was open.

The total length of the bridge is 7420m, and it is the first multi-layered suspension bridge made by Korean technicians.

Now, the bridge is helping Busan solve its traffic jams by shortening the necessary time between Namgu and Haeundae from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

Gwangan Bridge has not only become a major traffic network, but also has become a trend of cultural tourism of Busan.

The scenery that can be enjoyed above the bridge is so beautiful that the bridge is gathering a lot of tourists.

In addition, the bridge is providing a fabulous night view with its colorful lights.

When the bridge is seen at Gwanganli or Hwangryeong Mountain, the beauty of the bridge is magnified.

Because Gwangan Bridge has become a popular tourist attraction, stores nearby are experiencing a huge increase of sales coming from tourists.

Gwangan Bridge, the place which is also known for being a background of a movie entitled 'Haeundae'.

Today, we looked into Gwangan Bridge, which has become a pivotal place of traffic and cultural tourism.

It seems to be certain that we can look forward to Gwangan Bridge contributing to the development of Busan with its beautiful look.

NSP Global Little News, Lee Yoon Joo.

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