GFEZ's tourism hub, Hwayang district of Yeosu.

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[NSPTV] GFEZ's tourism hub, Hwayang district of Yeosu.

[전남=NSP통신] 도남선 기자 = The current administration has announced that it will provide nationwide free economic zones with multi-trillion won through careful selections and deliberation.

Therefore, 8 different locations in the country are hoping for the support.

The Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone, with Hwayang's tourism contents alongside, is the front-runner in government funding.


NSP focused on Hwayang district's competitiveness of its southwestern coast tourism and the attraction of the Gwanyang Free Economic Zone.


Here I am at the GFEZ's tourism hub, Hwayang district of Yeosu. The district was officially announced as a free economic zone/ by the Ministry of Finance in 2003 and Ilsang Maritime Industries Ltd./ was awarded as the private sector developer in the following year.

Hwayang district is being constructed in an area near Jangsu, Anpo, and Hwadong-ri in Yeosu. The project is expecting over 1.5 trillion won/ including foreign investments.
Hwayang district is aiming for a 2020 completion comprised of 5 areas.

Hwayang district's Golf Island Complex tasted its success during the 2012 Yeosu Expo.

The golf complex impressed the visitors and foreign investors with its 18-hole course, and its compact city-coastal tourism concept.

When the construction site is completed, Hwayang district and the GBAFEZ/ will transform the face of the Namhae/ or Korea's south coast tourism.

Yeosu's Hwayang district is going to be developed as a tourism center with future-oriented resorts in Namhae.

It is anticipated that the district will become a top class tour resort in the Far East, leveling up Korean tourism to those equivalent to Europe.

Additionally, the all-round infrastructure of Hwayang district/ will bring a positive effect to the GBAFEZ investment/ by drawing attentions of future visitors, foreign investors, and corporate figures.

All you can possibly name related to land and ocean activities from yachts to golfing, Hwayang district will be the first to facelift Korean tourism industry.

The Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone is proud to present its naturally beautiful harbors, convenient transportation infrastructure, and promising foreign investments.

The Free Economic Zone Authority is at their best creating the world's top maritime leisure complex in Hwayang.

In hopes of its success, this was Do Nam-seon from NSP.

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