World-leading fashion photographer Mario Testino‘s Busan exhibition

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To 28th Feb In Wolsuk arthall

[NSPTV] World-leading fashion photographer Mario Testino‘s Busan exhibition

(부산=NSP통신 안정은 기자) = Photo exhibitions are becoming as familiar cultural life as watching movies these days.

As reflecting the public’s attention, many world-famous photographers are visiting Korea recently.

There is a photograph art spot where we can meet various photos from extremely commercial ones and portrait of the royal family, full of grace to the top stara from the extremely private moments.

NSP통신-MarioTestino / Lady Gaga / V Magazine / New York / 2009.
MarioTestino / Lady Gaga / V Magazine / New York / 2009.

A contemporary master of fashion photography, Mario Testino’s ‘Private View’ is taking place in Busan Haeundae Wolsuk art hall.


His 86 major works of his 30 year career, which are dominating times and fashion by original prints, are on display.

This exhibition unveils his attractive, sensuous and fresh works in Busan first time, following Seoul.

This show consists of 3 topics.

‘Larger Than Life Portraits Of Modern Icons’, ‘In My Own Fashion Images Selected By Testino’, and ‘Portraits Of The British Royal Family’

Mario Testino is moving in art and fashion world, famous fashion magazines and showing us creative advertising campaigns of Burberry over 15 years, touring around the world.

Born in Peru, He is the most influential photographer, who international luxury fashion brands hope to work with, and also having his exhibitions at worldwide main art museums unlike other commercial photographers.

Mario Testino expressed his confidence saying “I hope this show could be a Like this, we could often see foreign great masters” photography exhibitions nowadays.

I look forward to talented domestic photographers performing a brilliant exploit with the unique Korean style.

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