Respresentative Festival of South Korea

Bullfighting and Korea Drama Festival(6)-한국대표 진주남강유등축제

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[Respresentative Festival of South Korea]Bullfighting and Korea Drama Festival(6)-한국대표 진주남강유등축제

[경남=NSP통신] 김연화 인턴기자 = Namgang Yudeng Festival(한국대표 진주남강유등축제) is considered as the best festival while there are various events in October all around in Korea.

The first day of the festival, 900 thousand tourists visited and enjoyed the festival which means worthy of its reputation that Jinju Namgang Yudeng Festival was appointed as 'the most like-to-visit festival in October'.

'Korea Drama Festival' and The 120th Bullfighting event were held so NSP news agency visited the place to see how it was going.


Jinju Bullfighting event which 211 bulls took part in was held at Jinju Panmundong Bullfighting stadium on October 2nd.

Since the first tournament held in 1897, this year has been the 120th anniversary.

The 120th Jinju Bullfighting event will be held for 6 days.

The participating bulls are divided the class as Baekdu, Hanra and Taebaek like Korean wrestling called ssireum.

Also, many enjoyable events are prepared to attract tourists.

Jinju city has publicized actively this event for the promotion of bullfighting as well as activity of regional economy.

NSP통신-The 120th Bullfighting event were started ><div class=
The 120th Bullfighting event were started on October 2nd. (Dongeun Kim)

If the International Film Festival is in Busan, there is Korean Drama Festival in Jinju.

We can meet Korea drama actors at Gyeongnam culture and arts center until October 14th.

2012 Korea Drama Awards selected winners by ratings and judge of experts.

Candidates were all genre of Drama were on the air from the last September to the end of this August.

Namju Kim of My Husband Got a Family was received Grand prize.

Sangjung Kim of The Chaser and Jimin Han of Rooftop Prince got First prize.

As for Rookie of the Year award, Inguk Seo of Response 1997 and jini Yoon of Gentleman's Dignity was awarded.

By starting Jinju Bullfighting event and Korea Drama Festival, make it more exciting night in Jinju.

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NSP통신-2012 Korea Drama Awards. (Dongeun Kim)
2012 Korea Drama Awards. (Dongeun Kim)

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