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Internationally famous destination as the best beach , Haeundae

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By 허아영 기자, 2014-06-18 18:41 END1
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[NSP TV] Internationally famous destination as the best beach , Haeundae

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This is Haeundae Beach. Lots of vacationers gather here in summer .

This famous beach in Korea boasts its beautiful scenery harmonized with nature and city.


Now, Let's enjoy strolling around this fantastic place.

It is said that the name 'Haundae' is derived from Silla's scholar, Choi Chi Won's nickname.

According to the legend, on heading for Mountain Gaya after retirement, he stopped by what is now Haeundae. Mesmerized by the beautiful scenery in the Moon Greeting Hill, he stayed here and engraved his nickname, 'Haeundae' on the southern rock face on Dongbaek Island.

Haeundae has 1.5km white-sand beach and its shallow water and smooth sand make Haeundae popular tourist destination.

Nice accommodations, tourist facilities and shopping centers are also attracting tourists.

Haeundae beach is a venue for many festivals.

'Sea festival', held before the opening of Haundae beach attracts more than a million people. 'Moon Greeting festival', celebrating Daeboreum, the first day of the first full moon is held every year. And the world-famous 'Polar Bear Swimming contest' is held every winter.

Meanwhile, Busan International Film Festival, which is held every October, is a must-visit event for movie fans around the world.

The white waves hitting rocks of Dongbaek Island creates their own beauty in the Beach.

Haeundae Beach, is the wonderful harmony of the sea and the city.
We hope that Haundae Beach will become an internationally famous tourist destination as the best beach in Korea in the future.

NSP Global Little News, Lee Yoon Joo., 허아영 기자(NSP통신)
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