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A dramatized musical of the Battle of Jinju, “The Chokseoksanseong Aria”(10)

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By 도남선 기자, 2013-11-04 16:32 END1
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[NSPTV] A dramatized musical of the Battle of Jinju, “The Chokseoksanseong Aria”(10)

[경남=NSP통신] 도남선 기자 = The Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival has historical ties with the Battle of Jinju, one of the three key battles in Joseon Dynasty. On the 9th and 10th of the festival, a dramatized musical of the Battle of Jinju,"The Chokseoksanseong Aria", gives an artistic view of the history.

The yudeung festival in Namgang river dates back to the Battle of Jinju led by a general named Kim Si-min in October, 1592. General Kim Si-min and his mere 3,800 troops impressively defeated the 20,000 Japanese soldiers attacking the Jinju Fortress.

We now hear a word from the director, Jung Woo-yeol, about how the history of Jinju battle transformed into a musical.


The Chokseoksanseong Aria, could you briefly introduce us about the musical?
In 1593, the Jinju Fortress was the site of 70,000 civilian and government army fighting to death to defend Korea. Therefore, this musical is a tribute to those who fought and sacrificed their lives for the defense of our country.

What is the motive of this project of yours?

By developing its historical contents, I hoped to aid in revitalizing the local economy and tourism based on new tourism resources with a slight hope of helping out the cultural arts aspects...

At the time of Imjin War, a massive 20,000 Japanese troops besieged the Jinju Fortress and unleashed their matchlocks for six days from October 5th, 1592.

The vastly outnumbered General Kim Si-min swore to his patriotism and fought to his death with his 3,800 men.

The Joseon army celebrated with songs for peace after defending the fortress from the Japanese.

With great reception from the audience, Chokseoksanseong Aria closed its two days of performances.

The original musical, Chokseoksanseong Aria, aim to carry the harmony and solidarity of Jinju to make its name in the world of global performance arts.

From standing ovations to hot reviews, Chokseoksanseong Aria is surely to close off the next year's yudeung festival with a bright light of its own.

From NSP News, Donovan Yoon.

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