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SK hynix, Developing 12-layer Stacked HBM3... Providing Samples to Customers

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By Soon-ki Lee and Bok-hyun Lee, 2023-04-21 08:51 ENX7
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(Seoul=NSP NEWS) = SK Hynix has developed the world’s first new HBM3 that realized the world’s highest capacity of 24GB(gigabytes) by vertically stacking 12 individual DRAM chips.

The maximum capacity of the existing HBM3 was 16GB with eight DRAM single-product chips stacked vertically.

SK Hynix said, “We succeeded in developing a 24GB package product that increased its capacity by 50% compared to the previous one. With the recent expansion of the AI chatbot (Artificial Intelligence Interactive Robot)industry, we will be able to supply new products to the market from the second half of the year.”


SK hynix engineers applied Advanced MR-MUF and TSV technologies to this product.

SK hynix has enhanced process efficiency and product performance stability through advanced MR-MUF technology. In addition, using TSV technology, 12 DRAM single-product chips that are 40% thinner than before were vertically stacked to realize the product at the same height as 16GB products.

HBM, developed by SK Hynix in 2013, is attracting industry attention as a memory semiconductor product essential for generative AI that requires high-performance computing.

The company is currently conducting performance verification by providing 24GB samples of HBM3 to a number of global customers, and it is known that customers are also showing expectations for this product.

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