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Wemade makes strategic investment in Hwikgo

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By eunyoung Huh Journal, 2023-03-02 17:27 END8
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) eunyoung Huh Journalist = Wemade announced it has made a strategic investment in Hwikgo, a smart mobility service platform company in Korea.

While maintaining a close cooperation with Hwikgo, Wemade plans to expand its WEMIX platform ecosystem going forward.

Hwikgo is a company specialized in an MaaS(Mobility as a Service) platform service, providing its own integrated platform that allows people to transfer to and from a public transportation and a shared smart mobility using their transportation cards.


Both companies will integrate their blockchain technology into their smart mobility skills and know-hows, and showcase a new type of service that expands the concept of mobility from M2E(Move to Earn) further to L2E(Live to Earn).

On the other hand, Wemade has been making a great progress in providing blockchain service through its own platforms including WEMIX3.0 - a Wemade’s main net, WEMIX PLAY - a global open blockchain game platform, and NILE - a DAO & NFT platform.

NSP News Agency eunyoung Huh Journalist
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