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Samsung Electronics will mass produce high-performance SSD ‘PM9C1a’ for PC

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By eunyoung Huh Journal, 2023-01-17 10:50 END8
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) eunyoung Huh Journalist = Samsung Electronics announced it will mass produce high-performance NVMe SSD ‘PM9C1a’ for PC integrated with 5-nano based new controller.

Samsung Electronics embedded the new controller designed by applying cutting-edge 5-nano foundry process and seventh-generation V-NAND technology into PM9C1a, implementing the highest performance and electricity efficiency in the industry.

The electricity efficiency of PM9C1a per watt has improved as much as 70%, which can reduce the amount of electricity consumed in power saving mode of PC by more than 10%.


This also offers 1.6x and 1.8x faster sequential reading speed and sequential writing speed - reaching 6000MB/s and 5,600MB/s respectively - compared to the previous version as it supports PCIe 4.0. Random reading and writing speeds are 900K IOPS and 1000K IOPS, respectively.

In line with today’s market trend requiring strong security measures, it is expected PM9C1a can be a solution to provide powerful security.

Samsung Electronics also added that it will diversify PM9C1a lineup to such as 256GB, 512GB and 1TB of M.2 standards (22mmx30mm, 22mm x 42mm, 22mmx80mm) and expand into overseas markets while cooperating with global clients.

NSP News Agency eunyoung Huh Journalist
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