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If Kakao Talk Stops, Kakao Bank Stops.

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By soon ki Lee Journali, 2022-10-19 08:27 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) soon ki Lee Journalist = On the 15th, a fire broke out at the SK C&C Data Center in Pangyo, delaying Kakao Bank app , and temporarily suspending some services such as simple transfer, new and extended emergency loans, and Kakao Talk consultation.

In this regard, financial circles point out that “Kakao Bank is not ready to do banking.”

Kakao Bank explained, “Kakao Bank’s data center is in a separate space from Pangyo Center, so there is no problem with customer assets.” but financial circles’ response is cold.


A financial industry official said, “As a 10-minute error has a big impact on loan repayment, banking disorders are a major accident,” adding, “If such an accident occurred during the week and financial services were suspended, customers would have suffered a lot."

Kakao Bank’s emergency loans calculate credit scores using data related to Kakao, such as Kakao Mobility, Kakao Talk, and Kakao Pay, so loan screening cannot be performed without the data. Even simple transfer is impossible if Kakao Talk stops.

In response, financial consumers said, “Kakao Bank operates non-face-to-face due to the nature of Internet-only banks, so if the app goes down, as there is no separate window for customers to visit, customers will inevitably suffer damage,” “It seems that the financial authorities and Kakao Bank are too complacent about the incident.”

NSP News Agency soon ki Lee Journalist
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