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Busan City, National Gugak Center and Cinema Center concentrate on attracting foreign tourists

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By 보티민트 인턴기자, 2013-02-20 11:15 END7
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Busan National Gugak Center plans permanent performances for foreign tourists. Busan Cinema Center plans cruise tourist-specific special screenings. 부산시 부산국악원 영화의전당 부산관광에 힘 합쳐

[부산=NSP통신] 보티민트 인턴기자 = Busan City has cooperated with Busan Tourism Organization, Busan National Gugak Center and Busan Cinema Center to attract foreign tourists.

According to Busan City, on the 18th, in order to provide new attractions and introduce traditional Korean culture to increase cruise tourists, the city is cooperating with Busan National Gugak Center and Busan Cinema Center to attract group tourists.

Busan National Gugak Center and Busan Cinema Center have a low foreign visitor rate due to their Korean-specific performances. Therefore, the city is planning to attract foreigners by developing tourists-specific entertainments.


Busan National Gugak Center is planning to schedule permanent performances for foreign tourists on every Friday from March.

The content of those performances will mostly be about Korean traditional culture such as Arirang that was appointed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Busan Cinema Center also has plans to provide cruise tourist groups special shows according to their desires.

For the vitalization of the services that are provided by Busan National Gugak Center and Busan Cinema Center, Busan City will offer extra incentives for travel agencies to attract foreigner tourists.

In addition, Busan City plans to market both domestically and internationally, and actively develop ways to attract foreign tourists through the Busan Tourism Association.

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