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Samsung Elec Bespoke Jet Bot AI Leads 400% Increase in Robot Vac Sales YoY

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By hYUNJIN KIM Journali, 2021-09-28 19:31 END7
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(서울=NSP통신) hYUNJIN KIM Journali = Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke Jet Bot AI kept its dominant status in the Korean robot vacuums market since its launch in April.

The product is the top tier level unit among the company’s robot vacuum lineup, featuring state-of-the-art technologies, including Lidar and 3D sensors, AI object recognition.

As of the end of August, the company’s 2021 cumulative sales revenue of robot vacs surged four times than that of the previous year, thanks to the Bespoke Jet Bot AI, which brought 60 percent of sales revenue of robot vacs.


The latest vac for Samsung improves its AI technology to map user’s home structure and furniture in it, showing remarkable navigating skills.

It’s also convenient. After finishing cleaning, the robot vac goes back to the clean station and charges, as well as automatically empties the dust bean through Air Pulse technology that uses air pressure differences.

Furthermore, it differentiates itself with SmartThings pet care service, providing videos on how companion animal does according to preset time and location and a pet finder feature that gives real-time notifications when it recognizes pet during operation.

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