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SSaangyoung Motor, Expanding European Exports, Spurring Marketing in Brussels and Vienna

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By soon ki Lee Journali, 2020-02-11 12:34 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) soon ki Lee Journalist = Ssangyong MOTOR COMPANY participated in the 2020 Brussels Motor Show held in Brussels, Belgium from 10 to 19 last month, followed by the 2020 Vienna Auto Show in Vienna, Austria from 16 to 19.

In particular, Ssangyong Motor received a lot of attention at the Brussels Motor Show, showing its Korando CNG (compressed natural gas) model.

Korando CNG is a bi-fuel type of eco-friendly vehicle that uses both CNG and gasoline as fuel, which is applied to the Korando gasoline (1.5L turbo) model and is expected to start selling in Q1.


In addition, Ssangyong Motor’s UK agency will continue to strengthen its marketing activities based on its product quality and value, as Rexton Sports (local name, Musso) was selected as ‘2020 Pickup of the Year’ by British four-wheel drive magazine Pobaipo(4X4) last month and as the ‘Best Pickup’(28,000pounds or less) in the section of ‘2020 Car of The Year’ announced by What Car, Automotive magazine.

In addition, German agency will extend its sponsorship with the Bayer 04 Leverkusen team of Bundesliga, German Pro-football League, and sponsor the Sports 1 Channel program. Italian agency is also planning to actively engage in marketing activities with the launch of a new year TV advertising campaign.

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