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SK Telecom established global e-sport company with Comcast.

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jeonghyun go Journal, 2019-10-12 17:41 END7

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) jeonghyun go Journalist = SK Telecom started operating global company specialized in e-sports with Comcast from the U.S.A.

SK Telecom and Comcast have been collaborating back and forth between Korea and the states to establish their joint company since they agreed to have a strategic partnership on e-sport business in Barcelona of Spain in February.

The joint company named SK Telecom CS T1 Co., Ltd.(T1 hereafter) was made according to the names of both companies and SK baseball team. SK Telecom is the major stockholder of the joint company with 55%. Comcast and Highland Capital that invested 41 million US dollars in total became the 2nd and 3rd shareholder respectively.


The headquarter of T1 is located in Seoul, in which new projects are to be made as well as running asian team and creating content. T1 West branch from Los Angeles will manage the team in North America.

NSP News Agency jeonghyun go Journalist
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