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Hyundai Motor KONA EV's ride-hailing trial service with Grab in Southeast Asia

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jeonghyun go Journal, 2019-01-16 19:18 END7
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(서울=NSP통신) jeonghyun go Journal = Grab, the carpooling service company in Southeast Asia began the trial service of KONA EV's ride-hailing. Hyundai Motor begins entry into the sharing economy market in Singapore through its representative electric car, KONA EV.

Hyundai provided 20 units of KONA EV to Grab for the service. Grab also plans to create purchase orders more for a total of 200 KONA EVs.

Singapore Power Group plans to have a partnership with them to help the service for a soft landing by allowing drivers from Grab to get a 30% discount on fuel at its charging stations.


Hyundai Motor, Grab and Singapore Power Group plan to examine the possibility of the expansion for the service by analyzing charging infrastructures, vehicle-miles, drivers and passengers' satisfaction. Afterwards, they will expand the ride-hailing service toward major countries in Southeast Asia including Vietnam and Malaysia.

They also agreed to cooperate actively in developing a new electric car to be optimized for mobility services.

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