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KT, Establish Smart City in Maritime Province, Russia

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By soon ki Lee Journali, 2018-09-13 10:09 END7
#KT #Russia #Maritime Province #Smart City

(서울=NSP통신) soon ki Lee Journali = KT made “Business Agreement for Cooperation in Smart City Establishment” with the state government of Maritime Province in Vladivostok, Russia on Sep 11, 2018(local time).

KT and the State Government of Maritime Province, Russia agreed that they would cooperate in various fields of smart city business of KT such as energy, security, traffic, safety, smart farm, etc.

After the business agreement is made between KT and the state government of Russia, they plan to select the concrete fields of cooperation through a smart city task force.


KT plans to take the lead in an optimized smart city establishment in Maritime Province based on the experience of smart city establishment for many years.

KT intends to discover the areas that public projects are applied to for technological exchange and urban development through business cooperation with the state government of Maritime Province in all directions.

NSP News Agency/NSP TV soon ki Lee Journalist,
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