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Hite Jinro, overall Q2 sales of Chamisul about 7.5% up YoY

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By YEON SUN HAN Journal, 2018-08-21 10:35 END7

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) YEON SUN HAN Journalist = Hite Jinro (CEO Kim In-gyu) has sold Chamisul which was renewed in April more than 500,000 bottles in 99 days.

As a result of the renewal, total sales of Chamisul in 2Q increased about 7.5% YoY.

Hite Jinro will continue the upward mood of the renewal performance in the second half. It will expand the consumer base through new images and strengthen the preference through a variety of activities that enable younger generations to empathize and communicate directly.


Oh Seong-taek, managing director of Hite Jinro Marketing, said,"As a leading brand, consumers trust and love the performance of Chamisul as a leading brand that always responds and develops according to changes in consumer needs and trends."And said that “we will lead the market while continue to pursue newness and maintain our core values.

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