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Cheonan City, Making progress for a Leap as a Global City … Diversification of International Exchange City

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By soon ki Lee Journali, 2018-06-29 11:32 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) soon ki Lee Journalist = Cheonan city started to make progress for the diversification of an international exchange city and a leap as a global city in keeping with globalization trends.

Jonas Donizette Ferreira, Profeito de Campinas and Paulo Roberto, Director de relacoes internacionais, Solidariedade - Mercado brasileiro, visited the city on June 28, conferred about the promotion of international exchange city between two cities, and toured Chungnam Techno Park.

Campinas city is a large city which is called the Silicon Valley of Brazil, where it has the third largest population in São Paulo state and information and communication, petrochemistry, automobile industry are accumulated.


Especially, KOREA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY is located in Cheonan city and Campinas city, respectively, and Campinas State University has Korean language department, which is a condition that can help the two cities form a friendly relationship naturally.

Cheonan city expects that Campinas city in Brazil will play a role of bridgehead for entry into the Latin American market and that with the expansion of exchange areas to Latin America, it will be an opportunity for international exchange diversification to Asia, Europe and Africa.

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