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Daegu University opens 'African Lounge'

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By dILFUZA Sultanova Jo, 2017-05-13 15:04 END7
#Daegu #African Lounge

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) dILFUZA Sultanova Journalist = October 10, Daegu University opened the 'African Lounge' for the first time as an international cultural exchange and educational space in the regional universities.
175.50㎡ sized African lounge is used for classes, conferences, cultural experiences, international conferences, and for African-American students such as Korea-Africa and Itorero Umucyo.
The African Lounge was set up last year with the support of the 'Daegu Daejeon African City Urban Development Expert Group (Director Ahn Sung-hoon)', which was selected by the University Specialization (CK) project last year.
Daegu University has 600 international students from 59 countries, including 39 African students from 12 countries.

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