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Samsung Electronics Enhances Transparency in External Donations

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By dILFUZA Sultanova Jo, 2017-02-24 13:53 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) dILFUZA Sultanova Journalist = Donations and social contribution funds of Samsung more than KRW1 billion must be addressed through a board of directors’ decision, which is made up of a majority of outside directors.

This decision is intended to significantly enhance transparency.

Samsung Electronics will disclose to the Electronic Disclosure System (DART) of the Financial Supervisory Service all donations and social contribution funds determined by the board of directors. The report will also be published in quarterly business reports and in annual sustainability reports.


Samsung Electronics established a 'Council' to strengthen pre-screening of donations and social contribution funds. All donations and social contribution funds over KRW 10 million are subject to deliberation.

The status of all donations and social contribution funds and their execution results are scheduled to check by the council and management, and the Audit Committee under the Board of Directors.

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