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'Bounty Hunters' with Lee, Min-ho as main role confirmed to open in China on July 1st.

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By Hanah Choi Journalis, 2016-05-15 23:07 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) Hanah Choi Journalist = Hallyu star Lee, Minho's new movie the Korean-Chinese collaboration film,"Bounty Hunters"(director. Shin, Taera) is confirmed to be released in China on coming July 1st.

South Korea's production company, Starhouse entertainment, announced in the statement on 13th,"the movie 'Bounty Hunters' that Lee, Min-ho appears is planed to release in June. But for perfect supplementation of post production and maxmization of promoting, release date is adjusted to July which is peak season that vacation of students and workers starts.

Bounty Hunters is a film prometed by 30 billion won size big project and a action comedy that relates to the story of bounty hunters which happens at various cities of Korea, China, Malaysia and Thailand as a background.


In this flim, best staffs of Korea and China including the director Taera Shin participate, scenario is well-made, and Chinese top stars appear such as Wallace Chung in the role of Ayo who will be duo with Hallyu star Minho Lee and Tang Yan in the role of Cat who will display glamour of femme fatale. These make it the best expected flim of the year.

Through his character Lee San who is intellegent and an expert of martial arts, Minho Lee is going to show change in his acting style of random but charming.

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