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Hyundai Construction provides 'Smart Home' service with SK telecom

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jonghyuk Kim Journal, 2016-02-19 04:36 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) jonghyuk Kim Journalist = Hyundai Construction made a MOU with SK telecom in Smart Home Business cooperation.

Smart Home Service is a service that provides total IoT(Internet of Things) in the Hillstate Home network being interlocked with smart-phone platform of SK telecom ,such as energy management and saving system, one touch power saving and guarding system, Ubiquitous safety service, ect.

Hyundai Construction is going to provide total IoT Smart Home service from apartment that will be moved in the second half of this year in metropolitan area.


From now, the residences of Hillstate are able to manage biult-in equipments such as lights and air conditioners, gas circuit breakers, and their own electronic equipments which are connected with SK telecome, such as refrigerator, cleaner and air washers, with one application.

“Through this cooperation with SK telecom, customers in Hillstate are going to get differentiated service by means of combining IoT technologies”, said Suhyun Jung the president of Hyundai Construction. He added “Hyundai Construction is going to take lead in the housing market not only in the apartments, but also in the housing market in general.”

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