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SK Hynix sets up 'industrial health supporting compensation committee'

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jonghyuk Kim Journal, 2016-01-22 12:44 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) jonghyuk Kim Journalist = SK Hynix starts supporting and compensation to formal and current employees and workers of cooperative companies through 'industrial health supporting compensation committee'.

This supporting compensation committee is going to discuss many various privet factors based on the investigation committee which has investigated industrial heath of SK Hynix in general for last year.

The supporting compensation committee is made up of 7 members. Moreover two representatives of SK Hynix labor union and one member of company joined the committee so it will b expected to improve fairness and objectivity.


The application period is from 25 Jan. 2016 to 30 Apr. about for 3 months, it is possible to applicate via internet and telephone.

In the application period, outside labor attorneys take care of receiving application and counsel to support smooth application. So outside organization will be handle from application to discussion.

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