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Samsung’s curved monitor is medically proven to provide comfortable viewing

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By Jiye Kim Journalist, 2015-11-17 12:58 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) Jiye Kim Journalist = An expert ophthalmologist Kim Sung-jun and his research team from Seoul National University Hospital proves the effectiveness of Samsung’s curved monitor in alleviating the eye strain and fatigue, after completion of the clinical testing.

The study compares two groups of people: A group of users with flat-panel monitor to the ones with Samsung’s curved screen SE790C. The result shows a significant reduction in the near point of convergence and cyclospasm-the contraction of the ciliary muscle in the eye, in the accommodation of focus for near vision-from the latter group.

In addition to the clinical test, the researchers conducted a survey on subjective symptoms of ocular fatigue and found that the curved monitor helped relieve the symptom of eye strain.


Based on the research evidence, Professor Kim and his team reckons that curved monitor is expected to offer practical help to reduce eye fatigue associated with computer use.”

NSP News Agency/NSP TV Jiye Kim Journalist,
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