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Samsung electronics provides mobile security platform to Shinhan bank

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By Jiye Kim Journalist, 2015-10-08 00:41 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) Jiye Kim Journalist = Samsung is to provide its mobile security platform ‘KNOX’ to Shinhan bank.
It is a separate deal between two firms, comes after Samsung offered ‘Galaxy Note Pro 12.2’ to Shinhan bank last Jun.

Titled as ‘KNOX Workspace’, the new security platform is now introduced in an attempt to strengthening the security of the mobiles. KNOX creates a secure environment on every layer of a device, from hardware to system to applications.

Meanwhile, Shinhan’s EFS services-Electronics Filing Service-provides the ubiquitous financial services, such as opening a new account, applying for a loan, purchasing financial instruments, and the like.


Starting from the contract with Shinhan bank, Samsung is mapping out a plan to expand its business to major Korean banks, by supplying the security solution KNOX and business tablets supporting electronic documents.

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